making the daily divine.

Happy, free, ginkgo and borage tea

Edible flowers: calendula, wood sorrel, jasmine, mallow, borage

Wild strawberries on the way home from work. Absolutely delicious. A lovely accompaniment to cereal, dessert or salads. And yes, they can even be found here in London if you keep your eyes peeled (as these were).

These were high up, just be sure to check yours haven’t been nibbles by a more deserving creature first!

Rose and pistachio marshmallows with a hint of strawberry. Made to a traditional recipe using mallow roots from the garden.

Happy homegrown broad beans

Happiness is an edible garden.

Quick salad prepared with land cress, rocket, mustard greens, calendula petals, broad beans, mint, sorrel, nasturtium, borage and jasmine flowers.

Dressed with sea salt, pepper and a drizzle of chilli, garlic and rosemary oil.

Raw turnip and sprouted seed and nut salad served with blanched turnip tops, (optional) boiled egg, seaweed, and chilli.

Served with soy, ginger, spring onion, and sesame garnish and boiled sticky rice.

Elderflower cordial made with dark Demerara sugar

Simple sprouted seed and foraged lime leaf salad. Base made with blended leftover carrots and celery, chopped spring onion ends and a bit of chilli. Served with plain short grain rice, garnished with lime juice, sesame oil, soy and ginger dressing.

A feast for free: elderflower fritters drizzled in olive oil served with salt, caster sugar, thinly sliced chilli and a dash of olive oil.